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USA & World Soma Phenomenon!



A Sacred Gift & Catalyst for Healing

Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan, say "Miracles are not violations of natural law. They follow higher laws."


Ordinary water manifests as soma after special prayers

Thousands have been helped
by simply receiving Soma.

Why not you?

What is Soma?

Soma has been called the elixir of the Gods, a mystical infusion. Soma is a physical miracle manifesting by the Grace of Avatars Sri Amma  & Sri Bhagavan,* founders of the Golden Age Movement (GAM). Soma is an energetic download from higher realms. The substance of Soma is a physical byproduct of Grace and comes in many forms - honey, turmeric, kumkum (red powder), vibhuti (sacred ash), and blessed water.

In previous centuries, people would go the Himalayan mountains to harvest plants to make Soma. Now, the portal has been opened and we are able to receive a physical mystical download through Grace that  brings miracles into your life.  

People who participate in Golden Age Movement courses and Soma events have benefitted from miracles for many years. Some of the testimonials are incredible - surgery prevented, near-death accidents averted, jobs secured, businesses quickly going from barely surviving to thriving, relationships healed, unexpected financial windfalls, problems solved. These are just some of the reports.

* Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan is shortened to Sri Amma Bhagavan

Why is Soma Happening Now?

Soma will make it possible for you to experience inner calm and peak states during this time of global upheaval. It brings healing, resolution of problems, insights into one's life, and an extraordinary connection with the Divine. These gifts from Sri Amma Bhagavan are portals to the Great Compassionate Light and your personal Divine.


Soma is here to help prepare your consciousness for enlightenment:


  • Silencing the incessant chatter of the mind that causes suffering,

  • Activating causeless joy,

  • Supporting humanity's transformation from the illusion of separation into the experience of Oneness - an inner Golden Age.

Image symbolic of the 

Great Compassionate Light

Sri Amma Bhagavan Transparent_edited.png

What People Are Saying...

N.R., CA

"In October, I had a pelvic ultrasound and it was discovered that I had two cysts on my left ovary and was informed that I may need to have that ovary removed. I was blessed to go to a Soma Center in La Jolla, CA in November and had a powerful soma experience. I didn’t even think of the need for healing while I was there. I went back for a second ultrasound on December 15th and the cysts on the ovary are completely gone!!!!
What a miracle!"

Julia, TX

"I had an extraordinary experience during the event, as I gazed at the Great Compassionate Light everything went completely silent. Every cell in my body began to vibrate. My hands became very hot as I was holding the water bottle. I felt this heat travel up my spine to my crown chakra. It opened like a bloom. My heart burst with joy. I looked down at the water bottle, it had bubbles as if it was carbonated. The taste was like honey."

Mike, CA

"I have never tasted something so delicious and it made me feel good, actually happy. I immediately asked for a “miracle” I have a Ford Bronco that I’ve been trying to sell for three years. After the event I got two calls. Later in the day, one of the people came over with cash in hand and bought it immediately for more than what I wanted. He said it was the car he had been looking for a long time." 
One Experience is More Powerful than 1,000 Words

Soma is for You!

Bring your own new sealed bottle of water. It will be blessed to become Soma for you to taste at the event and to take home. So you too can have these miracles to enjoy and share with others.

Get Your Tickets Today!

At the first USA Soma Event in April, the power of the energy was palpable. Some participants reported being enveloped in love as soon as they walked in the door. Others reported experiencing peace and stillness; and reports of miracles, too numerous to mention here, are still pouring in.  


Don't miss these life-changing events!

Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan have given us Soma
as a shortcut for raising consciousness
and creating extraordinary personal miracles.
Soma is unique for each person and as such, it changes according to the individual needs of the recipient. 

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